Remote Monitoring

Male security operator working in a data system control room offices Technical Operator Working at  workstation with multiple displays, security guard working on multiple monitors  Male computer operator monitoring from a security center

Safeguarding your business, personnel, property, and valuables carries immense importance and remains a primary concern. However, you don’t have to face this responsibility alone. At ORO, we provide a comprehensive remote monitoring service for all your fire safety and security needs. This service ensures that your building, personnel, and assets are under constant surveillance, allowing you to have peace of mind, knowing that our alarm receiving center will promptly respond to any situation.

By incorporating cutting-edge security technologies, ORO’s remote monitoring services offer an extensive array of solutions aimed at protecting both your personnel and premises. Our highly trained monitoring operators possess the expertise to identify potential threats, minimise false alarms, and swiftly respond with appropriate measures in the face of security breaches or safety risks.